WDF Europe Cup

Since 1978 the best players from Europe battle for the WDF Europe Cup. Traditionally the English have been dominant in the history of darts, this tournament is no different.

Mens overall
In the individual events the English players are, particularly in the early years, almost impossible to beat, but when it comes to the overall ranking, they are even more dominant if possible. The sum of the team, singles and pairs events is won by them the first ten editions. Only in 1998, it is Wales that breaks the dominance. In total England wins 13 editions. Netherlands is currently the only other multiple winner with four victories (2004, 2006, 2012 and 2016). Denmark and Scotland are also like Wales the strongest once.

John Lowe and Eric Bristow are part seven times of the winning England team and are the most successful players. Martin Phillips is the player who has most often participated with 13 participations; Martin Adams is the only other player who plays in ten Europe Cups.

Mens team event
In the first year the team event is played with teams of three players, but since 1980 its teams of four players all playing in a round-robin singles event. Up to sixteen legs are played. If the score reaches 8 all, both teams nominate a player to throw the decisive leg.

Of the twenty editions England wins this event twelve times. Yet the English men in recent years are certainly no longer as dominant as in the 80s and 90s. Before claiming the title in 2016, their last win was in 2004. Scotland won the first edition and is also the strongest in 2002. Wales and Netherlands also win this event twice while Denmark and Belgium are the strongest once.

Mens pairs
In the WDF Mens Pairs competition, Martin Adams is the most successful player. He has won the tournament four times and surprisingly each time with a different partner. The Swede Stefan Lord is also very successful with three titles in 1980, 1982 and 1988.

Nine times an English pair is the strongest. Netherlands win it on four occasions and Sweden win the WDF Europe Cup pairs title three times.

Mens singles
John Lowe is the only player who has won the WDF Europe Cup singles three times. Two men win the tournament twice; Phil Taylor and Mark Webster. Other big names who claim the title include Raymond van Barneveld, Steve Beaton, Martin Adams and Bobby George.

Yet there have been many surprising winners of the singles tournament; between 1998 and 2002 global sub top players like Co Stompé, Mitchell Crooks and Peter Johnstone claim the title and Gary Stone and David Concannon in 2012 and 2014 are certainly not the top favourites when they take the title.

Ladies overall
In the ladies overall England wins the Cup eleven of the eighteen times its held. Trina Gulliver is part of the winning team five times, and no one has claimed the gold more than ‘The Golden Girl’. Wales and Netherlands both win the overall three times and Scotland is the strongest in 2008.

Ladies team event
The women's team event is introduced in 2014 in Romania. England was the red-hot favourite and more than lives up to that role. The English ladies never lose more than four legs and take the inaugural team title. Two years later the story is exactly the same. England wins and no team wins more than four legs against them. 

Ladies pairs
Eight times the English ladies were the strongest in the pairs event. Trina Gulliver was part of the winning pair three times. Dutch ace Karin Krappen also won this event no less than three times and was thus involved in all Dutch victories. Wales clinched the gold four times. Sweden was the strongest twice and Germany took home victory in 2014, which makes this pairs event very hard to predict. 

Ladies singles
In the women's singles only Francis Hoenselaar has managed to win the title three times. Sue Edwards and Trina Gulliver are both on two victories. Yet there were some surprising winners in the ladies as well. In 1998 for example Denise Cassidy wins for Northern Ireland and in 2012 the Belgian Patricia de Peuter wins the title. 

Yet England is by far the most successful country when it comes to the singles titles. Eight times an English lady has won the title, 18 times an English lady reached the final and three times the final was a full English affair.